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Church/Charge Conference:

This is a congregational meeting that is required at least once a year.  The District Superintendent serves as the Chairperson or gives written consent for an Elder to service as chair in the absence of the Superintendent.  The Charge Conference votes on church budgets, nominations for committees, building programs and financial loans that exceed more than IO% of the Church Value.  The Charge Conference also approves future goals and hears reports of all committees.  Those who are members of the congregation are eligible for both a vote and voice.  In issues which require legal age approval (such as loans), only those eighteen or older may vote.

Charge Conference is a way of determining strengths and weaknesses of a congregation and helps the congregation to be accountable to their ministry.

Administrative Council:

The Administrative Council functions on behalf of the Charge/Church Conference throughout the year.  All Chair persons, Lay Leaders, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Lay representative to Annual Conference, along with the members at large serve on the Administrative Council.

The Administrative Council works to ensure that all committees are functioning and accountable in their ministries.  They are to review goals, budgets, future planning, and items that affect the ministry of the congregation.  

Members At Large:

Those who are elected Members At Large, are chosen to serve as representatives of the congregation.  Their vote and voice is recognized as how the congregation speaks on issues and decisions of ministry.  A Member At Large serves for a three year term.  Those who serve in this capacity do a valuable service in helping to maintain a check and balance between the needs and voice of the congregation and the leadership of the committees.


Trustees are made up of no fewer than three and no more than nine persons.  A Trustee is elected for a three year term, must be of legal age, and two thirds of the Trustees must be members of the United Methodist Church.

At the beginning of each calendar year, they will meet to reorganize, according to law, for the purpose of electing a Chair, Co-Chair, and. Secretary.

Trustees are responsible for the maintenance of church owned property, church owned equipment, and all church owned land and cemeteries.  They are also caretakers of the contents of the safe deposit box, legal documents, and deeds.

Trustees serve as the legal body to approve contracts, purchase or sale of property, along with the "use of the building" regulations for outside groups. Trustees also administer all trusts, bequests, and endowments, and are informed of how and where church funds are kept.

Staff-Parish Committee:
(Formerly Pastor-Parish Relations, or PPR)

This committee is made up of no fewer than five and no more than nine persons who serve for a three year term.  The committee is required to meet at least once a quarter (four times annually), or may be called together additionally by the Bishop, District Superintendent, Pastor, or Chair Person of the committee.  The committee may not meet without the Pastor's knowledge.

The committee determines the job description for each staff member, (except the clergy, which is done by the discipline).  The committee also recommends salaries to the Finance Committee for clergy and staff, as well as vacation time and benefits for the staff.  The committee works to ensure a good relationship between the congregation and staff, along with addressing any needs or concerns that arise for clergy, staff, or the congregation.  Any change in clergy will be done in consultation with the committee, the clergy appointed, and the District Superintendent.  The committee is also to evaluate all clergy and staff annually to promote a healthy and spiritually growing staff and congregation. 

The committee is also responsible to review all candidates for ordained ministry, diaconal ministry, or missionary service who come from the congregation.  After review, these names will be forwarded to the Charge Conference for final vote, in order that these individuals may pursue these fields of ministry.

Building Committee:

The Building Committee is to be established by the Charge Conference for the sole purpose of planning, designing, and building a new parsonage, new church, educational wing, fellowship hall, or other Church related structure.  They are to study the needs for the congregation and make recommendations upon their findings.

They are to select professionals needed to complete a building program, determine costs of said project, administer the design, construction or remodeling of a project.  However, all designs, budgets, and contracts are to be presented for final approval to the Board of Trustees and the Administrative Council.  Also, all drawings and costs are to be presented to the District Board of Church Building and Location.  All projects that are 10% or more of the value of the existing structure must have final congregational approval by a Charge Conference.

Finance Committee:

The Finance Committee is to be made up of a Chairperson, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and elected persons from the Church Charge Conference.  The PPR Chairperson, Administrative Council Chairperson, Lay representative to Annual Conference, and a representative from Trustees may also sit on this committee.

The committee is responsible for the creating and submitting of a yearly church budget.  This should be done in consultation with the financial asking of all committees or programs.  The budget is to be sent to the Charge Conference for review and/or approval.  

The committee is also responsible for implementing plans on how to raise funds to meet the budget or other Capital funds programs.  

The committee is responsible on how offerings are counted and recorded, along with which institutions and accounts these funds are to be deposited.  

The committee is to do a yearly audit of all Church checking and savings accounts, as well as invested funds. 


The Treasurer is to disburse all money contributed to causes represented in the local church budget or directed by the Administrative Council.  Each month, the Treasurer is to give a detailed report on funds received and expended in the budget to the Administrative Council.

Education Committee:

The Education Committee is made up of persons elected by the Charge Conference. For Trinity, there should be no fewer than 5 to serve on this Committee.

The Education Committee is responsible for the weekly operation of the Sunday School Program, materials, and staff.  The committee also seeks to create opportunities for spiritual growth beyond Sunday School with Bible Studies, special educational programs, youth groups, adult covenant groups, Vacation Bible School, etc.

The Education Committee is responsible to help all people from children to adults, to deepen their understanding and relationship with God.

Life Cycle Committee:

This committee is made  up of persons elected by the Charge Conference.  The committee is to care for the well being Of those in the congregation who are going through particular moments in Life such as a birth, illness, or the loss of a loved one.

The committee also cares for those in our congregation who are shut-in, in retirement or nursing homes, or who have temporary needs of assistance due to illness.

The committee is also to care for those who have recently become members to ensure that they know others in the congregation and are included in Church events.

It is the hope that this committee will someday work in the areas of inactive members and developing a program to welcome new people.

This committee would also handle crisis situations in the Community, which would allow Trinity to respond to emergency needs.

Lay Leadership Committee:
(Formerly Nominations Committee)

Nominations is made up of nine persons elected by the Charge Conference with the Pastor as the Chairperson.  Each member is elected for a three year term.

The committee is to research the needs of personnel for each committee and then determine from the congregation which person(s) may possess those skills and gifts needed for a committee.  Nominations then invites that person(s) to serve in a particular ministry and places the name(s) before the congregation at Charge Conference for final approval.

The committee is to, meet at least quarterly to determine the personnel needs of the congregation and how best each committee can be served.

All names are to be prayerfully considered and no committee position should be filled for the sole purpose of simply needing to fill a slot.

Music Committee:

The Music Committee is to be made up of persons elected by Charge Conference and any choir director, and paid instrumentalists.  They are responsible for the choir schedules, choir robes, and special music (including holidays.)  The committee is responsible for the selection of music for choirs, and choir supplies (music, folders, stands, etc.)

Any future groups (bells, praise band, traveling choir), will be guided by the music committee.

Worship Committee:

This committee is to be made up of persons elected by Charge Conference along with the Lay Leader, Lay Member to Annual Conference, and a representative of the music committee.  The committee is to oversee ushers, communion, greeters, flowers, acolytes, and the decorating of the Sanctuary.  Along with the Pastor, they will work on the style of worship, needs in worship (hearing, visual, etc.) and any additional services beyond Sunday morning.


The Missions Committee is made up of those persons elected by Charge Conference.  The committee is responsible for teaching, developing, and implementing ways in which the congregation can be involved in this ministry.

The committee informs the congregation of mission projects in the Annual Conference, missionaries serving from the congregation and short or long term mission opportunities.

This committee should regularly correspond with those missionaries from the congregation or those with who are supported by the congregation.

Play Committee:

All persons are to be chosen by the Charge Conference.  Three-fourths of the committee is to be made up of members of Trinity.  This committee will oversee the Summer Play, including the procuring of rights, submitting a detailed budget, ensuring the Christian integrity of the play, performances, and workers, as well as all other matters directly involved in producing a play.

Rec Center Ministries:

All persons are to be chosen by the Charge Conference.  Three-fourths of the committee is to be made up of members of Trinity.  The committee will oversee Power Camp, Camp Reunions, and other outreach endeavors to meet the spiritual, physical, and social needs of the youth throughout the community.  Rec Center will be studying the feasibility of a Rec Center building with the understanding that the building is to be of multi-use for all church ministries.

How It All Works

An example of how committees work together:

The Building Committee wants to break ground next spring.  The Building Committee then tells Finance how much the projected costs will be for building. Finance raises funds and/or makes loan applications.  The Trustees are called in to review contracts and loan applications.

The Administrative Council gets reports on how the project is going and all committee chairs are now aware of what is happening with the building. Administrative Council approves to go forward.  However, since the loan is more than 10% of Church value, a special Charge Conference is called and the whole congregation gets to vote on the loan and building.

It Passes!  Hurray, the Church is built!  The building is complete so the Building Committee’s work is done and the responsibility of the structure goes to the Trustees.  The Education committee sets up classes, teachers, programs.  The Worship committee plans the services and choir rehearsals, along with who will greet.  PPR makes sure staff is in place to meet the congregational needs.  Life Cycle welcomes newest members and informs our shut-ins of the dream come true.  Missions reminds us that the job of the Church is to take the good news of Christ out to the community and world.  Finance handles the mortgage.  Kitchen gets set up for coffee and donuts (chocolate) that first Sunday!

As you can see, each committee has specific duties, but all work together for the Kingdom of God!

What Does a Chairperson Do?

Meeting Nights

Most committees will meet on Monday evenings. Should a committee need to change a night or cancel the office and all members of the committee should be informed.

1st Monday of Month
7:00 p.m.
Administrative Council 7:30 p.m.

2nd Monday of Month
7:00 p.m.

3rd Monday of Month
Life Cycle 7:00 p.m.
Missions 7:30 p.m.
Trustees 7:30 p.m.

4th Monday of Month
Music 7:00 p.m.
7:30 p.m.

5th Monday (when this occurs)
Nominations 7:00 p.m.

1st Thursday of Month
Pastor-Parish Staff Committee
7:30 p.m.

3rd Tuesday of Month
Rec. Center Ministries 7:00 p.m.

Play Committee will be as needed or called

Wednesday Nights will be small groups (men, women, youth, etc.)

Thursday Nights are choir practices







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